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Shepherd’s Heart Ministry is equipping our men to utilize their time, talent and their treasure to reconnect, recharge and refuel their desire to be good fathers, husbands, providers, priest and prophets of their home.

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry is empowering our women to be impacting in the atmosphere. They are being taught how to learn the word, love the word, and live the word. They are encouraged to be nurtures to both their husband and children

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry has a Worship Team that helps to usher in the presence of God in our midst on Sunday mornings through inspirational songs and worship

Shepherd's Heart Ministry has Sunday School that is in session every Sunday Morning before worship service. It is created as an incubated training to develop individuals to become lovers of the Word, learners of the Word and then live the Word

Outreach Ministry

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry has adapted the principles to initiate, challenge, confront, convert, and change John 4:1-30. Our outreach team is proactive about reaching the lost at any cost.

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry has a marriage ministry called “The Two Hearts that Beat as One”. This ministry is designed to promote healthy relationship using biblical tools that will cultivate a proactive, positive and preventative approach to relationship.

Shepherd's Heart Ministry meets every Monday from 8-9pm via phone prayer line. We believe that prayer is the tools by which we communicate with our God


Shepherd's Heart Ministry is dedicated to empowering our youth...the next generation

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